Big Bitch Gina Tears Alyssa Apart Part 04

Gina is a really mean bitch and she loves to beat up other women make them suffer and then sit her big sexy ass or moist cunt on their beaten and suffering face . That’s why she is called The Punisher and if you watch this one sided encounter with her and the big tit porn star Alyssa you will see why. Gina is big and loves to make the other women suffer ever chance she gets and the much smaller Alyssa gives her a great victim to punish which is what makes this a great encounter to watch. This topless beating is one that will keep you glued to your screen as you watch Gina scissor smother and torture Alyssa for her own enjoyment and your viewing pleasure. In this match Gina goes crazy and works over Alyssa’s naked breast pussy and belly . She squeeze the air from Alyssa’s lungs with her thick powerful thighs and crushing scissors. She relentlessly pounds Alyssa naked belly with her big closed until it is beet red and poor Alyssa is moaning in pain. Of course Gina also sits her big sexy ass and cunt of smothering doom all over Alyssa’s beaten and helpless face and rubs her pussy all over Alyssa face. Yes fan this is a very sexy and very vicious beating that all Gina fans are going to love. You may even start to feel sorry for Alyssa and the agony that she must endure in this one sided and brutal match but it is all for your enjoyment and waiting for you now. All true catfight fans must get this title. I highly recommend it to every one that is reading this right now. If you love Gina Alyssa or a great pull your hair out throw you around punch your belly claw your cunt and smother you out catfight beating you have to get this title . It is all A+++ material that you are going to love. If you love watching a super hot vixen beat and smother another women until she is beaten and humiliated then this title is really going to hit the target for you. It has what we all love in a great and I mean great catfight encounter and that’s sexy 2 women and a suffering beaten moaning bitch It is in our High Quality Plus Screen Size so you are getting a great picture and sound as you enjoy the action . Watch the short free previews here or visit our site at carolinacatfights for a very special look at this no holds barred beat your ass bitch fight then get this match for your very own especially if you love a sexy mean and rough kick your ass beat up title . Believe me this encounter is not going to let you down and you will not be disappointed. It will bring you years of pleasure so add it to your hard drive now and watch it when ever you want as it will get better and better every time you do. This is Part 04

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